Korea and Japan: A Century of Conflicts and Crises


SUBJECT: Social Studies, World History

TIME REQUIRED: 4 class periods (45 minutes each)


This course examines the Japanese occupation of Korea (1910-1945) and the conflicts that continue to divide the two countries. It consists of four lessons:

Lesson #1:  Occupation and Resistance

Lesson #2:  Life Under Japanese Rule

Lesson #3:  Battle for the East Sea Name

Lesson #4:  Dokdo: A Continuing Issue


  1. Understand the historical context that led to colonization
  2. Learn how foreign rule impacted Korea (1910-45)
  3. Discover how Koreans fought for their individual and national identity
  4. Determine how colonization changed the course of Korean history
  5. Interpret attitudes and behaviors of cultures and peoples in conflict
  6. Discuss literature as a medium for learning history
  7. Learn, evaluate, and mediate the disputes of Dokdo and East Sea

Download: Korea and Japan Century of Conflict Course Curriculum

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