An Asian Tiger: Korea’s Economic Miracle


SUBJECT: World history, economics

TIME REQUIRED: Three 45-minute class sessions


This course examines Korea’s booming economy: its growth over the past fifty years has transformed it from one of the poorest countries in Asia to one of the world’s 15th-largest economies, and Korea is now known as one of the four “Asian Tigers.” This course consists of three lessons:

Lesson #1: Economic Growth: Past, Present, & Future

Lesson #2: Charting and Graphing an Economic Landscape

Lesson #3: Planes, Trains, & Automobiles: Korea in the Media


  1. Identify Korea’s economic growth in terms of GDP and other economic factors.
  2. Understand the policies that transformed Korea’s economy.
  3. Discover the impact of technology on Korea’s economic growth.
  4. Practice reading and analyzing charts and graphs to gain a better understanding of a country’s economy.

Download: Korea’s Economic Miracle Course Curriculum

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