Korea’s Music on the Move: From Arirang to K-pop


SUBJECT: Global History, Music

TIME REQUIRED: One or two class sessions


This course explores traditional Korean music and its notable musical instruments as well as the wildly popular contemporary K-pop genre and helps students develop an understanding of the evolution of music as an important aspect of Korean culture. The course consists of two lessons:

Lesson #1: Korea’s Traditional Sounds

Lesson #2: Korea’s Pop Culture in Music


  1. Develop a familiarity with the array of musical instruments of Korea: percussion, string, and wind.
  2. Trace the cultural significance of Arirang into the contemporary times.
  3. Explain the facets of K-pop, and understand its worldwide reach.
  4. Analyze Korea as a top producer of contemporary music in the Asia-Pacific region.

Download: Korea’s Music on the Move Course Curriculum

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